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The Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Co. Ltd. was incorporated on 5th July 1913. The main objective of the company is to manufacture black tea. 

By 1925, Peria Karamalai had under its fold 1500 hectares of land comprising of four gardens namely, Karamalai, Akkamalai, Vellamalai and Nadumalai for tea cultivation. Marsh & Congreve, the founders adopted best cultural practices and first manuring of tea was done in 1925.

Till 1950, Peria Karamalai was manufacturing Orthodox Tea, most of which was exported to London Auction Center. After 1950, the Company started manufacturing Reconditioned (RC Tea) CTC Tea in one of its gardens catering mainly to the South Indian Market.

In 1988, manufacture of NRC Tea (Non Reconditioned Tea) was first introduced by the company in South India. Peria Karamalai was the first South Indian Company to participate in the Calcutta Auction Center by offering its NRC tea.

The Company was managed by Pierce Leslie & Co.Ltd., as Managing Agents until 31st March 1970, under the control of the Board of Directors. In 1970, when the managing agency was abolished, the control of the company was wholly vested in the Board of Directors.

By 1968, The Bangurs of Calcutta had acquired substantial interest in these plantations and subsequently, Peria Karamalai came into the fold of L.N.Bangur Group of Companies.

The Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Co. Ltd., took its present shape with two factories and four tea estates, namely, Karamalai, Akkamalai, Vellamalai and Nadumalai, with a total area of over 6000 acres producing close to 50 lakh kgs of tea per year.

The Estates are located in the scenic Annamalai Hills in the Western Ghats of South India at an altitude of approximately 1650m above sea level. Annamalais is the largest planting district in South India and major center for tea production. It is located 110 kms south of Coimbatore.

The Company provides direct employment to over 3000 families. The Company’s shares are traded on the National Stock Exchange of India.